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8.00 to 9.00

Breakfast Masterclass – Creating a culture of learning to drive innovation & success

With Holly Thompson, Future Skills Vision

Learn how to improve skills & talent management across your business and reduce your recruitment & training costs

  • • Understand the importance of creating a learning culture
  • • What is skills optimisation?
  • • Create your own skills optimisation programme
  • • Top tips for effective career mapping across your organisation
9.30 to 10.00

Changing management style to manage change in style

With Craig Smith, Flint Spark Consulting & BigPicture Learning

Organisational change management & transformation

  • • What do great change managers do?
  • • What skills do they use to achieve successful and sustainable change?
  • • What do the best change initiatives look like / feel like?

Funding & finance for training & development

With Iain Nixon, Sunderland College

Find out about funding available to help you upskill yourself and your staff. The focus of this seminar is on how Further Education colleges can support your workforce development and recruitment needs. The seminar will explore the various funding steams available to employers to ensure their workforce is future proof.

  • • Further Education and its role in supporting the local economy
  • • An overview of funding available for workforce development
  • • How the Further Education Sector can support your recruitment needs
  • • Possible funding routes for bespoke training

Effective Marketing Skills

With Veronica Swindale, nesma

Is our marketing effective? Have we got the right people to manage our marketing and have they got the skills for the job….?

  • • Mapping out the customer journey to ensure we can add value for the customer and to the business at each stage of the journey.
  • • Creating a core belief in working together to deliver customer satisfaction on time every time.
  • • Understanding the marketing & people management skills involved in your marketing strategy and ensuring you have the right resources.
  • • Veronica will walk us through the marketing landscape and help identify which skills your company needs to develop further to remain competitive in the market.
10.30 to 11.00

Rise of the Machines – How intelligent automation in the workplace can boost productivity and increase efficiencies.

With Helen Waller, Accenture

An introduction to Intelligent Automation (IA) and how this technology can be used to benefit your organisation, your team and your business. This session will provide you with an insight into:

  • • Everyday uses of IA
  • • IA myths
  • • How companies and businesses can benefit from IA
  • • Common business uses and how to prepare your organisation to leverage and benefit from IA

GDPR compliance

With Karen Carr, Cyber Shelter

During the 30 minute seminar we will be discussing two topics – GDPR Compliance and Cyber Security. We will give you tips on how to protect your business reputation and how to future proof your business plus a ten minute question and answer session . .

  • • Do you need to be compliant and what the necessary steps are
  • • Advice on data security
  • • Cyber Security Awareness
  • • Disaster Recovery

Managing conflict effectively at work

With Craig Hewitt, amacus

Conflict will always be present in a workplace and it's important to seek resolution not just to contain the issues and forget about them. This workshop provides some strategies and skills to effectively handle conflict.

  • • What triggers conflict in the workplace?
  • • Different styles of managing conflict
  • • How can we become more effective?
11.30 to 12.00

Presenting to win

With Ian Murray, PRO-TRAINING

Powerful Presentation Skills - achieve results

  • • Improve the quality of your presentations
  • • Communicate your core message effectively
  • • Engage your audience
  • • Reduce your preparation time
  • • Increase the feeling of confidence & control

Oh No They Didn’t! Tales of celebrity employment tribunals

With Nick Smith, Mincoffs

This seminar presented by Nick Smith, Head of Employment at Mincoffs, explores cases where celebrities have experienced the trials and tribulations of the employment tribunal. How do celebrities avoid/deal with employment tribunal claims?

  • • The right to suspend Jeremy Clarkson
  • • Sachsgate
  • • John McCririck age discrimination case
  • • The Apprentice unfair dismissal claim
  • • #Me Too- The Me Too movement

Leveraging your people power

With Michaela Reaney, Gradvert

Improving business performance by improving your people

  • • Understand how to identify key organisational challenges
  • • Where are the opportunities to develop people and attract new talent to your busness
  • • Align your people strategy and put it at the heart of your organisation
12.15 to 13.15

Lunchtime Masterclass – Apprenticeships and Workforce Strategy: Playing the Long Game (PLEASE PRE-BOOK TO ATTEND THIS SESSION – EMAIL: lyndsey@projects-studio.co.uk)

With Anne Ashworth, Head of Employee Apprenticeships, Pearson

Hear from an employer who has embraced the levy and made apprenticeships integral to their long term workforce strategy:

  • • How apprenticeships can play an integral part in long-term strategic skills planning to help future-proof your workforce
  • • The key considerations to make and steps to take to get started with apprenticeships, including gaining SLT buy-in and apprentice recruitment.
  • • How to develop sustainable, value-driving partnerships with training providers.
13.15 to 13.45

What your recruitment process says about you.

With David Blair, BMC Recruitment Group

This seminar is a must attend for any business seeking to improve their current recruitment process. Attracting new talent is not always easy - BMC Recruitment Group’s Managing Director, David Blair will discuss recruitment strategies in detail – if you’re looking for advice on how to be more strategic with talent sourcing, David is sure to provide key insights and techniques which can be applied to your business. David will discuss key recruitment elements, including:

  • • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • • Tailoring recruitment strategies
  • • Exploring recruitment techniques

Live well, feel well: Work well

With Rachael Clift, Health Director, PeoplePlus

Know yourself, be the change

  • • Health & Wellbing in the workplace
  • • Predictions for the future of workplace wellbeing
  • • The science of happiness
14.00 to 15.00

Celebrity Service

With Geoff Ramm

Like you, Geoff Ramm, the creator and author of Celebrity Service and OMG Marketing, knows the only way you can attract more customers is to create jaw-dropping marketing. Not only that but great customer service leads to lucrative, repeat business. So how can you design a customer experience that has you talked about for decades to come? And how do you create highly successful marketing ideas? Geoff knows the Jedi Mind Trick to make you craved by your customers, envied by your competitors and raved about in your industry. In this interactive keynote, you will not only discover out-of-this-world ideas, they will come up with them and be excited to implement them too.

14.00 to 14.30

Fuller Working Lives: Unlocking the Value of your older workforce (50+)

With Lindsey Joy, North East LEP

By 2020 the over 50s will make up almost a third of the working age population. Have you got a strategy in place for their recruitment, development and retention? Find out more about the North East LEP’s Fuller Working Lives (50+) strategy and how to unlock the value of your older workers when it comes to Retaining; Recruiting and Retraining. Also, get access to a free consultancy support offer for your business and in depth advice and guidance for your employees.

Degree Apprenticeships…

With Hazel Rounthwaite, University of Sunderland

Lessons learned so far.

  • • The new apprenticeship world…is it working? Insights into how employers are planning/are already using their levy as a key strand in their workforce development.
  • • Our experience and challenges. • Uni of Sunderland have been running Degree Apprenticeships for 3 years. We will cover some of the mistakes we have made and insights from our work with employers, We will talk about the process of getting a standard approved and how this is proving a slow process in many instances.
  • • Thoughts on future direction. We will discuss our view of potential future policy direction from the IFA. Why it’s important to retain the degree element in Level 6 apprenticeships.
15.30 to 16.00


With Joshua Riffe

What really causes us to procrastinate? Laziness? Fear? The Trump Administration?

  • • Who, or Whatever you blame, you know that if you sat down and thought about it, you'd be able to envision what you would need to have/be/do in the next 12 months to make this year the best year of your personal and professional life....
  • • So why don't you just do it? You are not alone. Come learn how to overcome the thief of your time, PROCRASTINATION.
  • • In the process, make the next 12 months the best you've ever had.

5 simple steps to improve people performance

With Katharine Roff, Act Positive

A lively workshop exploring five critical factors in engaging and sustaining people performance. There are people who hear but don’t listen, those that talk but don’t do and those who see it but don’t get it. Every organisation struggles sometimes to get people to achieve their potential because most people in an organisation are neither actively engaged or disengaged. This session will provide simple strategies to engage, motivate and develop those people.

  • • Bridge the gap between thinking and doing
  • • Craft the Keystones for engagement
  • • Inspire meaningful productivity

Tamara Taylor – At the top of her game – England Women’s Rugby

With Tamara Taylor

Far more used to Twickenham than St James’s Park, Tamara Taylor will share her experiences on the journey to becoming 2015 Women’s Rugby Premiership Player of the Year, 2017 Rugby Player’s Association Player of the Year, Captain of the England team and England’s second most capped rugby player ever! Highs and lows there have been plenty, but Tamara demonstrates the tenacity and resilience that she has acquired over the years to enable her to remain at the top of her game. Lessons to be learnt by all of us in showing what focus, determination and a lot of hard work can achieve. A rugby career is not a natural choice for many women, and Tamara is on a mission to ensure that all women have the right to follow their dream and that all employers embrace the talents that people have to offer irrespective of their gender. Glass ceilings still need to be smashed, and The Double Bind of feminism in the workplace needs to be worked through by us all. Oh, and she might even get us all into a ruck about the benefits of networking too!

*The agenda is subject to change. A full seminar programme will be sent to all visitors prior to the event and will be updated here.

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