Exhibitor Q&A: Future Skills Vision (FSV)

Posted on April 17, 2018

Holly Thompson is the Director & Founder of Future Skills Vision* (FSV), based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

FSV specialises in helping businesses by offering guidance on workforce development; staff training and talent management.

Holly and the FSV team will be exhibiting at People Power 2018 this June, so we thought we’d pose her a few deeply challenging questions:

Q: Can you tell us a little about FSV?

We're a trusted provider of impartial advice, guidance, and practical support across a range of skills optimisation initiatives for business.

Our expert support allows businesses to align their people development and talent management strategies to match their growth ambitions.

FSV are uniquely positioned to act as an intermediary organisation, bridging the gap between business and education.  We provide specialist skills optimization support to businesses supporting them to reduce their current training and recruitment spend by 50%.  We utilise our extensive knowledge and practical support to advise businesses on using educational funding streams most effectively to support their commercial operations.

Q: How did the company get started?

I set up FSV when I decided to move on from my career in education (within the Digital & Technology sector).  I've always had a passion for developing and supporting people, and that's what led to making the decision to create the business.  That passion remains central to the core values, operations, and ambitions of Future Skills Vision.  We're here to support businesses, and help them develop their employees.

Q: Why should companies invest in staff training?  Aren’t most employees already trained and experienced enough?

Developing a Learning Culture within any business is key to supporting employees to advance their careers and feel more valued.  By investing in staff training and developing a culture of learning, a business will naturally operate more innovatively.  This will support higher performing teams, which in turn drives business growth.

Investing in your employees will demonstrate your commitment to them as individuals and inspire loyalty.  This includes developing a process of experiential learning and allowing mistakes to be made and learned from in order to improve people and processes.  It's important to consider investing in training at all levels within your business - where this may be required or appropriate - such as introducing apprenticeship or graduate programmes alongside experienced roles and professional training.  There are many examples of organisations that have successfully invested in these programmes which have significantly boosted productivity, innovation and growth.

Q: Why is good Talent Management important?

The North East in particular is full of many talented individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds with a number of thriving and growing industries - Digital & Tech being one of them.

At FSV, we believe by deploying more effective Talent Management strategies, the skills that we need across our businesses can by found on the whole from within our region.  This involves taking a more strategic view of skills optimisation, and challenging businesses to think differently and be more creative when it comes to talent management and people strategies.  It's important to create an effective process of Talent Management within any business in order to ensure its future survival and growth by having access to the range of skills needed.

Q: Is there anything you’ve achieved in business that you’re particularly proud of?

We've grown significantly in the last 18 months of trading.  We've built a core team in the North East, with current expansion plans underway into Manchester and the North West.  We recently won Startup Business of the Year for the North East region at the FSB awards and have now been shortlisted to the national final on the 3rd of May, taking place in London.

The team have put a huge amount of effort into their day to day roles to support driving the business forward.  I'm massively proud that our team, and we're going from strength to strength.  I look  forward to continuing to build the business and supporting many more new clients going forward.

Q: As an exhibitor, what attracted you to People Power 2018?

People Power is a fantastic event to showcase skills, offer businesses free training and connect them with the support that is available across the North East.

Our business is built on collaboration and we are keen to be involved in an event that showcases the vast array of skills initiatives, job opportunities and support businesses to better understand Talent Management within their own organisations.  We believe firmly in the value of your “People Power” and are keen to help businesses to harness their talent to further develop and grow.

You can follow FSV on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

People Power 2018 takes place on June 6 - from 09:00 to 16:00 - in the Platinum suite at St James’ Park.

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