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Posted on April 6, 2018

Q&A - Gradvert


With offices based in Newcastle, the Midlands and London, Gradvert offers a first rate service in graduate recruitment.  They also deliver bespoke leadership & management training, with the aim of allowing businesses to build an enduring culture of learning.

We asked the Founder of Gradvert, Michaela Reaney, a few questions ahead of the big show:

Q:  Can you tell us a little about the Leadership and Management training you provide?  Why is that kind of training important?

We deliver tailored leadership and management training to people at all levels within an organisation. As Gradvert has grown, our market knowledge and insight has too and it’s clear that organisations need a development programme which takes clients from talent attraction to graduate development, and finally on to the training and development of every employee. This is why we have developed our offer in response and our three product areas, Attraction, Escalator and Amplifier.

It is important to upskill your workforce to ensure that they are fully prepared to move into higher positions and can handle new challenges like new systems and processes as an organisation grows. This will also ensure that an organisation future proofs itself.


Q: Is there anything that Gradvert has achieved that you’re particularly proud of?

We are really proud that Gradvert recently became a registered training provider of the Apprenticeship Levy. We also advise and deliver ILM accredited and non-accredited programmes as well as our own Leadership and Management apprenticeships.

As a team we’ve really evolved recently having been through a rebrand and it’s wonderful to lead a team with the ability to change and adapt as the market does. Managing such a talented group of people is a privilege and makes work fun.

Finally, a personal highlight for me was winning ‘Best Small Business’ at the WIN Awards at the end of 2017.


Q: Why should companies take on Graduates?  What advantages does it offer?

Graduates are an undervalued commodity. Where a strong attraction and retention strategy is in place, they offer organisations a strong talent pipeline and therefore the ability to succession plan as a business.

Graduates today look for progression opportunities over factors such as salary. They are used to learning and therefore can more readily develop the key skills and behaviours needed to progress in a business and ultimately succeed.

Finally, graduates bring new and innovative ideas to a workplace and are also more adaptable to change, which is particularly important in today’s trading environment.


Q: As an exhibitor, what attracted you to People Power 2018?

At Gradvert, our mission is to improve business performance by improving people. Therefore, our ethos is to develop employees at any level as it is the people that are key to an organisation’s success.

People Power 2018 is a unique event to our region as its sole focus is around personal development and the training and skills this requires. The aim of the event really spoke to us and the mission that we live by as a business.

Being part of it will also provide us with a key opportunity to speak and interact with key people within our industry. This is a great chance for us to share our knowledge around people development but also for us to gain key industry knowledge too.


You can follow Gradvert on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. 

People Power 2018 takes place on June 6 - from 09:00 to 16:00 - in the Platinum Suite at St James’ Park.

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