Speakers // Tamara Taylor


Far more used to Twickenham than St James’s Park, Tamara Taylor will share her experiences on the journey to becoming 2015 Women’s Rugby Premiership Player of the Year, 2017 Rugby Player’s Association Player of the Year, Captain of the England team and England’s second most capped rugby player ever!

Highs and lows there have been plenty, but Tamara demonstrates the tenacity and resilience that she has acquired over the years to enable her to remain at the top of her game. Lessons to be learnt by all of us in showing what focus, determination and a lot of hard work can achieve.

A rugby career is not a natural choice for many women, and Tamara is on a mission to ensure that all women have the right to follow their dream and that all employers embrace the talents that people have to offer irrespective of their gender.

Glass ceilings still need to be smashed, and The Double Bind of feminism in the workplace needs to be worked through by us all.

Oh, and she might even get us all into a ruck about the benefits of networking too!

Contact details

You can contact Tamara via tamztaylor@hotmail.com or on 07590 018205 c/o nesma

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