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Posted on March 27, 2018

Exhibitor Q&A:  Zenith People

Renowned for their personal and hardworking approach, Zenith People are trusted and expert recruitment and training consultants with an unrivaled knowledge of the North East recruitment market.

We asked Abi Wilson – Marketing coordinator for Zenith – a few questions ahead of their appearance as Exhibitors at People Power 2018.


Q: What’s the secret to good staff recruitment, and what separates you from the competition?


Our core value is to listen and to understand the needs and wants of both our candidates, and our clients. We then deliver solutions that meet those requirements. At Zenith, we feel it’s crucial to look into the culture of the businesses we work with and find people who we feel will thrive in those cultures.


Q:  Can you tell us a little about your training services?  What can businesses and clients expect?


We're able to offer a range of training services which complement our recruitment offering through our sister organisation, Zenith Training. These training services can be fully funded and can help employers in a number of areas.

Whether you’re looking to run some pre-employment training with potential new recruits, recruit and train apprentices, upskill your current workforce, implement some leadership and management training, or tackle organisation objectives through some bespoke people or skills development, we can help.


Q: Is there anything that Zenith People has achieved that you’re particularly proud of?


We're still providing our recruitment services to our first client of 17 years… That’s definitely something we're extremely proud of, and it's reflective of the relationships we build with both clients and candidates.

We're caring, enthusiastic, bright, loyal and honest.  We know our trade and our marketplace, and we work hard to apply these traits and this knowledge to benefit our clients and our candidates. I’m really proud of what we do at Zenith People and how we do it.

Q: As an exhibitor, what attracted you to People Power?

We felt People Power would be the ideal event to showcase our services to businesses in the North East.  That's any business or organisation looking to bring in new recruits or train current staff.   We're interested to see how we can help our clients develop and grow through bespoke training programmes and skills development.

This event is also one of a kind, and we couldn’t help but get involved



Q: How did the name Zenith People come about?  Were there any other options being bandied around that didn’t make the cut?

Zenith means ‘the best, highest, or most successful point or time’, which you can relate to someone’s career.  We are all about helping people get that point in their life.


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People Power 2018 takes place on June 6 - from 09:00 to 16:00 - in the Platinum suite at St James’ Park.

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