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Speak Like a Leader


How to squash the speaking gremlins and get more gravitas

Do you wish you could speak with impact when it matters most? If you feel you sometimes lack gravitas, your nerves can take control, or your message doesn’t always land, this is the session for you.


You will leave with increased confidence and easy to access tools that you can start using immediately so you can:

  • squash the speaking gremlins and harness your nerves

  • engage any audience, without compromising on authenticity or results

  • get some gravitas and increase your leadership presence

  • own your expertise and speak with impact when it matters most.


Jo Darby is an expert in effective communication and inspirational public speaking.


As the Founder of Voice in the Room she delivers public speaking and communication training that transforms teams and individuals into confident speakers and influential leaders, so they can step up and nail the meeting, presentation, or pitch with authenticity and impact.


Prior to establishing Voice in the Room she spent ten years practicing as a family and employment law barrister at Trinity Chambers in Newcastle. Before joining the Bar, she was a professional theatre director working for national and international companies, from Bristol Old Vic, to ATYP Sydney, Australia. Highly experienced at helping others confidently craft their message and create powerful delivery that can connect with any audience, Jo believes we all have the potential to speak with impact when it matters most.


She uses her 20 years communication experience, to deliver training that has been described as ‘transformational’, as having had ‘a profound impact’, and ‘the most influential training I’ve ever been on’.

PEOPLE POWER is an event series dedicated to people:  to skills, training, HR, employment and workplace productivity.  


The 2021 conference is designed to help you focus on The People Agenda - to provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills that you need to ensure your workforce thrives, to improve performance, increase productivity and to help you compete effectively in the new world. 

The conference takes place 30 June at Northumbria University. Attend in person or online. 

Tickets start from £35+VAT.

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