Finding your why of "D&I" and the relevance to you


We know that with the right environment where people from all backgrounds and lived experience can thrive as themselves, and the benefits are clear.


We know that creating and nurturing an inclusive culture…

  • Helps to better understand your customers

  • Allows your people and teams perform at their peak

  • Leverage greater levels of innovation and creativity through empowerment

  • Makes it easier to hire and retain talent because you are trusted

  • Will boost your relevance and alignment with the communities in which you serve and operate

Yet... we know "the facts don't change people" - why aren't organisations leveraging this power and still propagate performative actions, tokenistic hiring and not truly owning their own "D&I Playbook"

In this session Joanne Lockwood will explore these points, challenge the way you are thinking about D&I and elevate it to a cross business function.



Joanne, who is the Founder and CEO of SEE Change Happen, describes herself as an Inclusion and Belonging specialist that works with organisations throughout the UK, Europe and Elsewhere to bring culture change that allows
people to thrive from pre-hire to retire.

She is a keynote speaker, consultant, and facilitator who focuses on “people people” be that in Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, or Learning & Develop to bring sustainable change by establishing a “why of D&I” for both the Organisation, the X/SLT and all ensure it is filtered down to all their people.

Joanne is a prolific podcaster who hosts “Inclusion Bites” and is a regular columnist in a UK based National Newspaper where she shares her views on Inclusion and Belonging and creating environments where people can thrive.

Recently, Joanne was named as one of the “Top 15 must-follow diversity & inclusion thought leaders to watch out for in 2021” by Peoplehum.com and one of the “125 People to Follow on Linkedin About Diversity and Inclusion“ by DiverseIn.com

Her mantra is “Smile | Engage | Educate” and that we should treat people as they wish to be treated.

PEOPLE POWER is an event series dedicated to people:  to skills, training, HR, employment and workplace productivity.  


The 2021 conference is designed to help you focus on The People Agenda - to provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills that you need to ensure your workforce thrives, to improve performance, increase productivity and to help you compete effectively in the new world. 

The conference takes place 16 November at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead. Attend in person or online. 

Tickets start from £35+VAT.