Developing a Resilient and Engaged Mindset


My name is Laura Royal from DNA Coach and I’d like you to be the best in everything you do…with many superpowers at your disposal, so that they become ordinary and everyday practices and behaviours personally and professionally.  Growing up I watched endless superhero-based programmes and movies and I always wanted to have a superpower myself. What if I told you that we all have superpowers within us already and you can access them at any time you need them?


Resilience is within us all – it’s our ordinary everyday superpower – for the small stuff and the life changing events that are often universal, inevitable, and insurmountable.  More than ever we need to have a Resilient Mindset in accompaniment with an Engaged Mindset – where we can learn to be strong and resilient.  During the session you will discover how to maintain personal resilience and develop resilience at work.  I will share with you the mindset approach as well as some great models and tools that you can practise in your personal life and in your workplace to help you and your people be at their best.


You will leave the session with a practical toolkit that you can use immediately that will enable you to:


✓ Develop your way of thinking to enhance your quality of life and work to realise your goals and aspirations and get more meaningful stuff done

✓ Engage your mindset with a growth approach to build confidence, enhance your strengths and balance your limitations, paving the way for clarity and progress

✓ Apply clear future focussed techniques, strategies, and processes to overcome any barriers to engage for success


You’ll also get a small goodie bag too.



My name is Laura Royal and I am an Award-Winning Trainer, Speaker and Coaching Addict who is learning obsessed. I have worked in the Learning and Development realm for nearly 20 years, I'm an Executive Business Coach and NLP Trainer and have worked internationally for some massive global brands on shaping their coaching and learning cultures.

At school my teachers always said I talk too much and laugh too loud, as if it were a bad thing...yet, I've built my entire life and career around these two guiding principles becoming a trainer, coach, consultant and public speaker as well as a being a good human being and someone who has a good sense of humour.

I am the Chief Engager at DNA Coach and creator of The Mindset Coaching Company. I am proud to say we have hubs in Newcastle and Glasgow, and we use technology in the best way to engage with people worldwide. 

But it hasn’t always been like that…you see, I left school with below average grades, without a plan, no direction or clear path, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life or career. 

I suddenly realised that my first step towards getting somewhere was in the decision that I wasn’t going to stay where I was academically or financially. I had a clear goal…to DEVELOP myself, ENGAGE my mindset in whatever it was that I was doing to the absolute best of my ability and more and then APPLY a hard work approach to ensure I achieved success. And today, I want to get as many people Mindset Ready to get the best for yourself and your business.

PEOPLE POWER is an event series dedicated to people:  to skills, training, HR, employment and workplace productivity.  


The 2021 conference is designed to help you focus on The People Agenda - to provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills that you need to ensure your workforce thrives, to improve performance, increase productivity and to help you compete effectively in the new world. 

The conference takes place 16 November at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead. Attend in person or online. 

Tickets start from £35+VAT.