Mastering Motivation


Employee engagement has been a hot topic for some time now as all of the evidence suggests that it drives a range of business outcomes including operating income. Higher employee engagement leads to an increase in retention, productivity, creativity and customer satisfaction so it’s a no brainer that organisations want to do what they can to have great employee engagement within their firms. But what does this really mean and how can we meaningfully and authentically engage our employees?


In this talk, Lysa will take us through some of the key components that facilitate true employee engagement. We will look at the relationship between motivation and engagement and will discover some simple but fascinating indicators that will help you understand how to measure and influence the impact that motivation and engagement has on team performance.


Creating high performing teams is reliant on managing motivation but surely this is the elusive holy grail of HR? How can we manage the motivation of others when it’s such a variable, changeable, intangible and personal thing?


Join us, to discover some of the critical keys to success in managing motivation and the key role emotional intelligence, management and leadership has in creating happy, high performing teams.



Currently the joint CEO of a new disruptive strategic HR management company, The Shiny Happy People, Lysa combines her wealth of commercial experience, along with her academic background to help organisations to bring the best out of their people and their businesses.


Lysa has been delivering workshops, executive coaching, group facilitation, consultancy and keynote talks to a diverse range of organisations and industries across the UK and Europe for the last 15 years. Lysa holistically brings together key areas of focus such as business strategy, transformation and change management, culture, emotional intelligence, HR - strategic talent management and employee engagement, design thinking, ’soft skills’, emotional intelligence and personal development to solve complex problems and improve the performance of organisations.


Lysa completed her Executive MBA at Newcastle University Business School where she then became an Associate Senior Lecturer specialising in managing change, leadership, business strategy and professional development. Lysa has recently completed a Harvard Business School  qualification in Entrepreneurship and is an accredited NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, an ILM accredited Professional Coach, EMCC Master Coach and Mentor, and a proud TedX speaker.

PEOPLE POWER is an event series dedicated to people:  to skills, training, HR, employment and workplace productivity.  


The 2021 conference is designed to help you focus on The People Agenda - to provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills that you need to ensure your workforce thrives, to improve performance, increase productivity and to help you compete effectively in the new world. 

The conference takes place 16 November at Hilton Newcastle Gateshead. Attend in person or online. 

Tickets start from £35+VAT.

People Power

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