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The Employer Brand Trinity: Culture, Brand and Values

Brand is a complex and sophisticated topic. It means different things to different audiences and in the right hands it can be an incredibly powerful tool. In an organisational context, ‘Employer Brand’ is all too often overlooked in favour of shiny logos, aesthetic branding and a blingy website and social media channels – these are really important too. It’s about closing the gap and building a narrative that extends from the external brand through to the internal employee experience. In the wake of the pandemic and the evolving hybrid nature of the workplace, organisations are faced with an increasingly challenging situation of recruiting and retaining the right people.


Organisations who once had a highly skilled workforce, built on a physical community and internal processes supported by the physicality of the workplace, are now faced with the highly competitive notion of ‘work from anywhere’.


Organisations are now competing for talent like never before. Remote working is fast becoming ‘the norm’ and ‘typical’ working practices are a thing of the past. There is a shift in power from the demands of the employer, to the demands of the employee. How are organisations responding to this shift and how can they remain competitive and relevant in a post-pandemic world?

This session will explore the concept of Employer Brand and how the pandemic has amplified the need for organisations to change their thinking about recruitment and retention. We’ll cover the ‘employer brand trinity’ that will help employers rethink their approach to attracting and retaining talent.

Session outcomes

1. Attendees will gain insights and understanding into how the perception of their organisation can drive how their people think, feel, and act at work.

2. Attendees will gain understanding of the power of purpose and values, and what motivates employees to either stay, or leave.

3. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of employer brand and how bringing together culture values and brand can create a perception of your organisation that could drive success, or lead to failure.


Neil’s passion for brand development stems from a career working at some of the region’s top creative agencies, before venturing into education and lecturing at one of the UK’s largest FE colleges, supporting his learners to achieve D&AD award-winning standards. Latterly, Neil led the resources team for Sunday Times Top 100 Employer, NCFE, before setting up employer brand development agency, Authentic, in 2018. Using his personal experience of stress-related illness and workplace culture – both poor and exceptional – Neil has advocated and implemented change strategies that put people, and their wellbeing, at the heart of organisational success.


Neil is a strategist and coach who brings together 20 years of brand development and workplace culture experience into an organisational setting, by creating and implementing strategies that ensure organisations attract and retain the very best people and talent.

PEOPLE POWER is an event series dedicated to people:  to skills, training, HR, employment and workplace productivity.  


The 2022 conference is designed to help you focus on The People Agenda - to provide you and your team with the knowledge and skills that you need to ensure your workforce thrives, to improve performance, increase productivity and to help you compete effectively in the new world. 

The conference takes place 23 June at Northumbria University Newcastle.