Beyond the Hybrid Model


Reimagining work in the wake of the pandemic to maximise productivity and wellbeing

The global coronavirus pandemic and subsequent return to the office provides a once in a generation opportunity to radically reimagine how we work. We have a unique chance to shift our organisations towards a new future in which productivity and wellbeing are mutually reinforcing. We have an opportunity to create a future in which the culture and practices, the systems and tools and the physical workplace itself are perfectly aligned to the mission of our organisations and perfectly designed for our colleagues.


In this session, Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer of Modern Human, Paul-Jervis Heath, will talk about the changes in employee expectations, behaviour, needs, values and motivations as a result of the pandemic that have been reflected in the 'Great Resignation'. He will share insights that demonstrate a 3:2 hybrid model was never going to be a silver bullet because it is in fact an insufficient Frankenstein; poorly stitched together bits of old and bits of new.


He will share an alternative, along with the steps to create ways of working that really empower employees, avoid the drawbacks and downfalls of the hybrid model and carefully and thoughtfully implement an alternative. We will explore how we make workspaces work for employees; from onboarding to

career development; sharing how a new employee understands and absorbs company culture from a makeshift desk in their bedroom to how you prevent working from home making some employees less ‘visible’ and therefore putting them at a disadvantage with regards to their career progression.



Paul-Jervis Heath is the Chief Creative Office and a Founding Partner of Modern Human, an award-winning design studio and innovation consultancy. Their workplace practice works with clients to imagine their perfect colleague experience. From culture, practices and rituals that empower colleagues to do their very best work; to physical environments that inspire colleagues to greater insights and bigger ideas; to systems and tools that enable colleagues to work more efficiently. These are the workplaces that Modern Human creates.

Every study Modern Human has made of working practices, has consistently identified three key elements of an organisation’s operating model that significantly contribute to that organisation’s purpose and target customer experience. These are: the organisation’s culture and practices; the systems and tools that colleagues are given and the physical environment they inhabit. The purpose of the organisation should drive the intentional design of all of these factors. Now is the perfect time to reassess these factors in light of the return to the office.

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