David's got the fit factor

How People Power speaker and personal trainer David Fairlamb builds confidence through a healthy lifestyle

You may assume that fitness trainers are a similar bunch. It doesn't matter whether they're standing in front of a room full of people or working as a personal trainer, surely they all do the same thing.Wow.how wrong you are. You discover that major error of judgement as soon as you begin having a chat with David Fairlamb. To say he’s enthusiastic about fitness is arguably the biggest understatement going.

David has been a personal trainer for over 20 years and sort of fell into it by accident when some of his friends, fellow students and teammates spotted that he’s got a talent for devising interesting and effective training regimes.“I played rugby union at school and also did well as an 800 metre runner.” said David. “I did so well that I was awarded a scholarship to attend Long Beach Academy in California. It was fantastic. The outdoor life and the warm, sunny weather really suited me because I’ve always enjoyed outdoor activity. The only snag was that I picked up a back injury which meant i couldn’t compete at the very top level. I had to adjust my training routine and suddenly discovered that people liked to join in. Before I knew it I had a crowd of people following my instructions.”

Consequently, when David returned to the UK, he decided to keep the personal trainer idea going. And he’s blossomed. He would initially do one-to-one sessions with a client on only a couple of days per week, but things steadily grew. It has now reached the stage where he has three private personal training gyms and eight trainers working with him. Last year he built the UK’s only private, self-contained, floodlit outdoor gym. He’s even got his own range of fitness clothing.One of David’s most successful ventures is his Beach Boot Camps which he runs on Tynemouth’s Longsands beach. There are five sessions every week, although by far the biggest is between 9 – 9.45 on a Saturday morning when he has a huge turnout every week.

However, David isn’t just about keeping people fit via regular exercise, he has also devised various campaigns to help educate people about what is good and bad for your body. One of his most successful campaigns is called Sugar Clean Lean.“This campaign has been running for over 15 years and the results have been staggering,” said David. “We all eat far too much sugar. Sometimes we don’t know we’re doing it because it’s hidden in various products and I believe it’s the number one factor behind obesity. I’ve written well over 500 articles for newspapers and magazines and have appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, all talking about Sugar Clean Lean. I try to educate people in a fun and informative way. This has led me to undertaking motivational talks with local companies and organisations such as MuckleLLP, Stantec, Northumberland Water, Flowserve, Northumberland and North Tyneside Councils. Companies and local authorities are keen to ensure that they have a fit workforce but, more importantly, a workforce that is educated and can control their health and wellbeing including of course their sugar intake.”

David says “I encourage a healthy lifestyle and try to educate people on how to consistently look after themselves. I’m even doing cookery classes to show clients how to make delicious, healthy meals. I’d also like to see the national curriculum include topics on wellness, health and weight control.”There really is no stopping David Fairlamb.