How to develop and proactively market your Personal Brand

What is the one ‘thing’ that your business has, that no other business can create, copy or control?


YOU are unique...

YOU are one of a kind...

YOU are the real deal!

And, YOU have something incredibly powerful which if you maximise its true potential - it can (and will) grow your business.

I’m referring to your ‘Personal Brand’ – the most powerful marketing and sales tool we all possess.

The intrinsic mix of your passion, values, experience, professional network and of course, skills and expertise.

Authenticity is the key factor as never before has the mantra 'people buy from people' been so relevant.

With the rapid growth of social media and other digital communications, we have become incredibly perceptive to fake, insincere, disingenuous brands, which promote one thing and yet behave completely different – this includes people!

And it goes without saying, being the true authentic ‘you’ is much easier than trying to be someone or something else.

So if you want to stand out in an increasingly crowded and challenging marketplace, you must embrace the concept of personal branding and how it can influence your future.

But where do you start?

Here’s my top 5 tips - how to develop and proactively market your personal brand:

  1. Plan your personal brand strategy –

  • WHAT is your passion, expertise and experience?

  • WHO is your ideal target audience?

  • WHY should they buy your products or services (your value proposition)?

  • WHERE will you engage, educate and entertain them?

  • HOW will you know if you’re achieving success?

  1. Define your positioning statement – based on your expertise, experience and target market. Here’s a simple formula for crafting it: Start with your title and then – helping (target audience) to (value proposition)

  2. Optimise your LinkedIn profile – THE leading personal branding network. Position your personal brand towards those key decision makers with your marketing content, whilst enhancing your professional credibility by gaining referrals and recommendations for your work.

  3. Create engaging content – video and podcasts, blogs and articles, webinars and eBooks are just some of the way you can connect and engage with your target audience - ultimately grow your community!

  4. Grow and develop your network – whether online or offline, networking enables you to widen your physical reach. Make new connections and build mutually beneficial relationships including new suppliers and business partners.

Is time you took your personal brand more seriously?

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