Introducing Westray Academy

HR & Training professionals… Let us ask you a question. Just how hard is it to get staff to take the time out of their already busy day to complete industry regulated learning?

How many times do you have to ask before it gets done? 2? 3? More?

Whether it’s CoSHH in Construction or Anti-Bribery & Corruption in Finance, it’s almost a full-time job in itself is it not?

Do you also now have staff working from home? Doing their best to maintain efficacy but perhaps a little limited by current circumstances?

As part of our ongoing desire to best serve the needs of business, and in recognition of the current issues we’re all facing, we’ve worked tirelessly to bring forward our release of the Westray Academy.

The Westray Academy is the result of listening carefully to our clients and their needs. Our online training platform offers induction programmes, industry class accreditation and professional development, including leadership and management courses.

Perhaps now is the perfect time to get that industry training completed, and whether it’s already late or you’re getting ahead of the curve, we’re here to help.

We’re acutely aware of the need to control budgets more tightly, we’re doing it too. So, on that basis, we’re offering all of our ready-to-go courses at a reduced rate. Now isn’t the time to try to cash in. It’s a time to support other businesses in any way we can.

Our courses span many industry sectors and subjects and all are available online and therefore to your remote staff. For more information and a full list, get in touch with our Commercial Director, Ashleigh Wright on 0191 492 6622.