Managing the Unmanageable

Ian Mastaglio of Acas North East offers some more information on his People Power session.

In the workplace, wherever there are people there can be challenging behaviours. Some are so extreme that hoping they would just change is not an effective strategy.

Managers often reflect on some of the following questions and issues:

“What can I do to make this person change? How can I get them to recognise the impact of their actions? Will the issues just go away? Is it me? What will the team think of my capability?”

And then there is the enormous amount of time that you are spending on this individual that is sapping the energy from your priorities, the well-being of the team and the work environment. It can be absolutely draining! Often, we get managers, team leaders and employers coming to us and reflecting “I’ve tried everything with this person. Nothing works! I feel that I’m at the end of the road and I’m not coping.”

Drawing inspiration from a unique ACAS workshop, this session will help managers and HR staff at all levels to develop an understanding and strategies that can help them to manage very disruptive individuals in any workforce.

Our chat will give you a summary of the potentially destructive behaviours, personality traits and the skills and confidence to manage these effectively.

The session will reflect on identifying challenging behaviours, developing an awareness of difficult personality types, recognising the impact of challenging behaviour on individuals and the organisation, understanding the key factors and then traps to avoid when managing difficult personality types and some strategies to manage challenging behaviours.

Our chat won’t ask you to change your approach in how you engage with most of your people. But it will promote a shift in gear for “this individual.” In short, we are promoting that you can acquire the confidence, skills and the control to manage difficult individuals in the work environment. It won’t be easy, but it can be achieved.

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Ian Mastaglio is an experienced Senior Adviser and the Manager of the Training Team working with employers and employee representatives in the North East of England.

Ian has over 20 years’ experience in employment relations. CIPD qualified, Ian has extensive knowledge of dealing with dispute resolution and good practice in the workplace.

Attend Ian's session at the People Power conference on 18 September at Northumbria University.