People Powered Business: The key to the Future

The impact of the current Covid-19 pandemic on business is expected to be huge and the fall-out from it relatively long lasting. Never before has the importance of people to business success been highlighted more starkly – whether it is your customers, your workforce or the blending of work and family life, says Lyndsey Morrison, Director of The Projects Studio.

The traditional manner of conducting business is changing right before our eyes – there is a seismic shift in the way businesses are operating. These changes are affecting us all – not just our work-life, but our home-life too, with the lines between the two becoming ever more blurred.

This disruption and the unprecedented rate of change means that, as managers and employers, we have a heightened responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our employees whilst also ensuring the health and wellbeing of our businesses too.

Leadership: Our leadership skills are being tested and flexed. Whilst it is important for us to have the right tools in place to enable our businesses and people to thrive - tools are tools - it is imperative that we have the skills to enable us to lead with clarity and vision. That know how to lead with purpose, authenticity and emotional intelligence.

Communication: We have to be able to communicate our vision and strategy too, to engage with our people effectively and take them with us on the journey.

Innovation: We face increasing instability, not just with the current crisis, but the ongoing affects of new technology, new competitors entering the market and changing customers’ needs. A time of change can be considered an existential threat to your business, or a real opportunity to create value and define solutions to help the organisation effectively navigate the rough terrain.

Care: We must care for and nurture our workforce. A healthy, happy and safe workforce will deliver better results and will drive up engagement and productivity – achieving better outcomes for your people and for your business.

So just how do you create and develop a truly people powered business that will survive today and is ready to compete in tomorrow’s, very different world?

As an employer, you have a huge role to play in developing a culture of innovation, learning and trust, in helping people to continue their personal development and in building a happy and productive workforce.

People Power, now in its third year and attended by over 300 people, is a fully CPD accredited one-day conference, taking place on 17 June @ Northumbria University. The event is designed to help you to manage and develop your people effectively and to boost performance across your organisation.

Supported by Northumbria University, Westray Recruitment Group, Hive HR and nesma, the conference is designed for business leaders and managers who are committed to investing in and developing their people – those businesses who recognise that it is their people who hold the key to their future success, productivity and profitability.