Webinar | Listen, Respond, Adapt: Engage Employees through Coronavirus and beyond | Naomi Crozier

Naomi Crozier, the lead People Scientist at Hive HR, discusses how businesses response to the current crisis (Covid-19) will influence their employees judgements on the integrity and authenticity of their employer.

Gain insight into how true, 'people-first' businesses are continuing to use technologies to communicate with and get feedback from their people - and the impact this is having on brand advocacy and engagement.

You can watch the video in full here>

Join us for our fully immersive People Power Conference & Exhibition on 18 September, where Naomi will deliver a full length keynote on Employee Feedback, and discover how to harness employee feedback to navigate change and make data-driven decisions about your future workplace. View the full agenda here: https://www.peoplepowerevents.co.uk/agenda

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