Why clients need to stop postponing hiring decisions

Ashleigh Wright, Commercial Director at Westray Recruitment Group

The world of work has changed so much in recent years. Simply having the required level of academic qualifications and turning up every day is no longer enough to achieve career progression.

Historically employees could ride out their time in a big organisation and expect a pay rise or promotion every few years which, providing they do nothing majorly wrong, could lead to continued growth and development and (hopefully) a nice retirement and pension.

In 2021 companies need to be lean and efficient. The perceived security of working in employers who are immune to pain are few and far between.

Studies show that even with the required level of academic qualifications, up to 85% of career progression actually comes from softer skills such as communication, leadership, commitment and flexibility. For jobseekers, this is important as it is not enough to rely on a good CV alone.

You need to be able to demonstrate why a company should hire you through the value you bring… but in 2021 you also need to show why they should hire you today!

As we recover COVID one of the recent trends we have noticed at Westray Recruitment Group is that clients are delaying recruitment decisions.

The market is candidate led, meaning that there are more jobs than people to do them, but this message is not always getting through to hiring managers.

The perception is that due to COVID there must be thousands of people looking for work but this simply isn’t the case, and this is true from the executive level down to minimum wage.

The perception that there is a huge pool of people available is damaging to both jobseekers and the employers as hesitation to make a hiring decision (through wanting to see more and more candidates before making a decision) is harming companies as the candidates are being snapped up whilst they wait.

People in good jobs are reluctant to change in the risk that it doesn’t work out.

In 2021 job security is trumping the opportunity of progression.

So how to stand out?

You need to get your personal brand across. Don’t simply be a bland CV. Make your skills and experience pop. Record video, be creative.

If hiring companies know who you are and respect your talent, they should snap you up. Find out who the HR Manager or Director is in your dream employer and give them a call and explain why hiring you will be the best decision they make this year. If you work with a great recruiter they will do this for you too.

At Westray we work with clients as a consultant to make sure they understand the current employment market so they can get the best people. With candidates we have 31 years of trusted experience with some of the region’s biggest (and smallest) employers. Overall we are here to get the best people into the best jobs and share the learning on things to do to give you the best possible chance of success.

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