Why everyone should care for a plant! - Emily Pearson

I am not much of a gardener however I do love my house plants, to the annoyance of my partner who must drag me away from the plant section in any supermarket we go to, sternly telling me that “we have enough bloody plants!”

What I love about my house plants is seeing them thrive, they look so healthy and beautiful, the colours, the smells and just the relaxing environment that they create. I also love taking care of them. However, many of you will feel my pain here. It is not easy to keep a house plant alive never mind thrive. They need the right environment, the right soil and drainage, how much light they need, near the window or out of direct sun light. Some need spraying daily while others need a good soak once a week. They need the right nutrition for their species and to be protected from the cat shitting in their pots! (Don’t ask)

The need to be understood and empathized with as they are all unique. Why is that Yukka’s leaves going brown suddenly during the winter? Because it’s stood next to the radiator which is now on every day or because I have watered it too much?

Something else that I noticed with learning to look after my plants is the most important part of the plant to care for is the bit that you can’t see. The roots. The roots are the life blood for any plant to thrive. Care for the roots and the foliage will take care of itself. The first thing the seed grows is a root.

It is hard work, but when I get it right it’s all worth it, for me and the plants, but also my partner (though he wouldn’t admit it) to enjoy.

For me, our brains are the life blood for humans. It is so complex and we don’t know half as much about it as we do our physical body. However, it is everything to do with our physical bodies, our thoughts and behaviours, the choices we make because of the way we feel. How fast our heart is beating to feeling hungry and how to feel determining what you choose to eat for lunch! The clothes you picked out this morning down to what mood you were in that chose to let another driver out before you, or not.

Just like we can’t see the roots of the plant, but we know that if the roots are rotten the plant will wilt. Humans are the same. We need brain health too. Good nutrition, plenty of water, little to no trauma, the right coping strategies (drainage), someone to care for us a little bit more when we need it. We need to be nurtured.

I feel like we can look at our workplaces a little bit like this. Humans all need these same considerations to enable us to thrive. And guess what, it isn’t easy, but it is possible. With the right mindset we can look after our employees as we would care for a plant, watch them grow and thrive and enjoy the benefits of a mentally healthy workforce created by you, the manager, the CEO, the MD the board member. Not only will your employees benefit from this, but so will you, and the business, but the synergy of that…. is that their friends and family and community will also benefit. If we want People Power we have to nurture it.

The first place to start is to nurture yourself. If I am not well, who will nurture my plants the way that I do? Certainly not my partner! I owe it to my plants to take care of myself so I can take care of them too.

Emily Pearson

Our Minds Work