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Creativity: The Brain, Emotional Intelligence and Intuition

Intuition allows us to unconsciously know that a decision is right without knowing why and without processing the information.  Our emotional intelligence helps us to combine our intuition with our feelings to make authentic decisions.


Creativity at work is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the next 5 years.  Applying intuition to creativity will develop decision making and increase productivity to benefit individuals, teams and organisations.


This interactive session covers the research that harnesses the brain’s potential for intuition and creativity.  Robin explores how emotions impact upon decision making, and how they can be used to work with intuition to increase creative insights. It will give you an understanding into how to develop learning and creativity through practical strategies and tools that bring intuition, emotional intelligence and neuroscience to life. 


Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the neurobiology of intuition and creativity

  • Review how emotions can be used to increase creative output

  • Apply experiential learning techniques to engage others using intuition and creativity


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the neurobiology of intuition and creativity

  • Recognise how emotions can be used to increase creative output

  • Develop confidence in understanding the role of intuition in problem solving to make better decisions in a responsible way



  • Techniques to work with your intuition

  • Techniques to develop creativity

  • Techniques to develop authentic decision making


Robin Hills has over 35 years’ business and commercial experience helping executives and leaders develop business performance through increased self-awareness and understanding of others.

Robin is Director of Ei4Change – Emotional Intelligence 4 Change – a company specialising in training, coaching and personal development focused around emotional intelligence, positive psychology and neuroscience.

He is registered and accredited with the British Psychology Society as a Test User: Occupational Ability and Personality (Level A and B) and uses a range of internationally recognised profiling tools to assess type, trait, behaviour and emotional intelligence. He is a Member (Business) of the Association of Business Psychology and sits on the North West Committee.

His educational programmes on resilience and emotional intelligence are used in educational establishments in South Africa and India and he is teaching over 35,000 learners in 160 countries.

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The conference takes place 23 June at Northumbria University, Newcastle.